Resolving issues with VIPM connecting to LabVIEW




  • costas

    Thanks JKI this solved my issue.


    thank you JKL this was very helpful and solved my issue.


  • Armando Olvera

    Eres un dios... funcionó a la perfección =D

  • Kjell Ims

    For me, the only thing that helped was adding the * to the list.  I'm not all that comfortable with allowing EVERY IP to connect. Why should I need to add *? 

  • Nathan Lutz

    This should be included in the HTML file that is included in VIPM. Adding '*' to the list resolved my connection issue, but this is not stated in Appendix B: How to manually configure your LabVIEW version to allow VIPM communication. 

  • Dario Camargo

    This does not solve the connection problems on many computers. Maybe something more in depth should be added as how to detect and solve this connection problem. Is there a log file I could get?


    Muchas Gracias Por Su Ayuda  Funciona Verdaderamente . Dios Le Bendiga..


  • Alan González Suárez


    I can't install teh toolkit even doing this. I have LabView 2013 Student Edition and I'm trying to install the arduino toolkit v2.2.0.79. I've already change the port and tried with different combinations of "localhost", "*", *" and my IP. What else can I do?


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