How do I transfer packages with VIPM to a non-networked computer?




  • Matt Poese

    Just to be certain, this can only be done with the $500 version of VIPM? 

  • Ashish Uttarwar


    Yes. VIPC Editor is a Pro feature. Here is link to compare VIPM Free and Pro features:

  • Mark Taylor

    Your first comment is "Yes! The easiest way to do this is".... but is there an alternative?  Having to spend $500 to install a free set of tools doesn't make much sense.  Not to mention, most places dealing with this are probably going to be secure area government facilities, or secure areas at government contractors (ie non-networked, closed area PC's)... , where getting approval to spend that $500 is going to be next to impossible.    

  • Michael Aivaliotis

    VIPM is not the exclusive way to access the OpenG Tools.You can also access the OpenG Tools packages on Sourceforge.

  • Mark Taylor

    Ok, so I did see those packages, but being a total nube to working with LabVIEW, here's where I'm coming from.  The "OpenG Libraries" is advertised on the lv tools network, which ultimately from this I was able to download "" from directory per NI's direction for direct download.   I also downloaded and installed VIPM free.  All seemed well, after VIPM install and then install,  I see all the dependencies being not satisfied.  

    Is it a matter of finding all of those dependencies one at a time from the Sourceforge directories and installing them the same way I installed  ?

  • Michael Aivaliotis

    Yes, correct. You can download each individual VIP or OGP file (they are both recognized by VIPM) and install them.

  • Flarn2006

    If the easiest way to do it requires a $500 purchase, then I'd like to know the second easiest way, please.

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